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Nike Air Lunar Cyber Monday 2015 - Martha Stewart confronted the indignity of her new life as a convicted criminal yesterday supplying urine for a drug test, answering personal questions about her finances and posing for a new mug shot during her first meeting with her probation officer. And the federal officer will dig deeper into Stewarts formerly high-flying life in the Nike Air Lunar Cyber Monday 2015 weeks ahead: Martha was handed a questionnaire demanding to know how much she spends each month on clothing, laundry, groceries and prescription medication. Black was the color of choice for the disgraced diva as she returned to Manhattan federal court yesterday for the first time since she was hammered with a four-count conviction Friday. Braving Nike Air Lunar Cyber Monday 2015 the sleet in a black scarf, black overcoat and black flat shoes, she arrived 10 minutes early for her 11 a.m. interview with her probation officer. The most invasive moment during the 45-min- ute meeting came when the one-time golden girl was asked to provide a urine sample, which will be tested for traces of Nike Air Lunar Cyber Monday 2015 drugs, such as cocaine, marijuana and barbiturates. Stewart, 62, who already had mug shots taken by the U.S. Marshals and the FBI, was also photographed for the Probation Departments records. Her probation officer will give the sentencing judge an estimate of how much time she should spend behind bars. Stewart is expected to get 10 Nike Air Lunar Cyber Monday 2015 to 16 months in prison when the sentence is handed down in June. Meanwhile, the feds will continue to assess her lifestyle in the weeks ahead, visiting her office if she remains employed at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia as well as her Turkey Hill estate in Connecticut. During yesterdays session, the probation officer asked Stewart Nike Air Lunar Cyber Monday 2015 to explain her crime, but her lawyer, Robert Morvillo, advised her not to answer, explaining that she intended to appeal, one source said. Stewarts accountant will be required to complete the financial questionnaire so the feds can assess Stewarts net worth a key factor in determining how much she will be fined. She faces a Nike Air Lunar Cyber Monday 2015 maximum fine of $1 million. The categories in the document include bank accounts, securities, mortgages, life insurance, motor vehicles, real estate, trust assets, business holdings and tax returns. Stewart whos run afoul of state tax officials in the past was told she will be required to supply income-tax returns for the past three years. Her Nike Air Lunar Cyber Monday 2015 companys chief financial officer said at her trial that Stewart sometimes tried to claim expenses that he believed were contrary to tax laws. Outside the courthouse, as Stewart ducked into her gray Chevy SUV to head to her office for an emergency board meeting, she took time to thank the customers of her imperiled company. Nike Air Lunar Cyber Monday 2015 Stewart is expected to resign from the board of her company soon, or at least not stand for re-election in May but she wants to retain a creative role in the business. Last night, a company spokeswoman said she was still on the board. But Stewart did resign from the board of cosmetic company Revlon Nike Air Lunar Cyber Monday 2015 yesterday, and the New York Times said two Stewart columns distributed through its syndicate would be renamed and written by people other than Stewart. Additional reporting Heather Gilmore -MONTHLY CASH FLOWYour Salary/Wages (List both monthly gross earnings and take-home pay after payroll deductions.)Your Cash Advances (List all payroll advances or other advances from work.)NECESSARY MONTHLY Nike Air Lunar Cyber Monday 2015 EXPENSESGroceries (List the total monthly amount paid for groceries and number of people in your household.)Clothing (List the monthly amount actually paid for clothing.)Laundry (List the monthly amount for laundering of clothing.)Transportation (List monthly amount paid for gasoline, motor oil, necessary auto care, or the cost of public transportation.)Auto Loan Payments (List all monthly amounts Nike Air Lunar Cyber Monday 2015 paid toward loans or leases.)Credit Card Payments (List all monthly credit card or charge card payments.) Share this:FacebookTwitterGoogleWhatsappEmail .