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Nike Sandals Cyber Monday 2015 - NEW ORLEANS From the floor of the Super Dome, Oklahoma AD Joe Castiglione pulled out his cell phone Friday evening and tried to make the call that every college football fan has been clamoring for. Castiglione was trying to arrange for the Sooners to play Southern Cal, a 28-14 winner over Michigan in the Rose Bowl, in next seasons Black Coaches Nike Sandals Cyber Monday 2015 Association Classic. I think it would be fantastic, said Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops. Ive read about the all the guys they have coming back but we have 10 starters coming back on offense and eight starters back on defense. I think it would be pretty exciting. What would be more exciting than anything college football has ever experienced is if the Nike Sandals Cyber Monday 2015 Trojans were playing the winner of the Sugar Bowl next week to determine an undisputed national championship. LSU and Oklahoma meet tonight in the Sugar Bowl and the winner automatically claims the BCS title. By virtue of its convincing win over Michigan, Southern Cal, which was ranked No.1 in both polls at the conclusion of the regular season, will win the Nike Sandals Cyber Monday 2015 Associated Press national media championship. It will give college football its first split title since 1997 when Michigan and Nebraska were co-champs. Nevertheless, BCS coordinator (and Big East commissioner) Mike Tranghese said yesterday a playoff system for college football wont even be discussed among proposed changes for next season. Were engaged in almost weekly discussions on the next BCS model, but Nike Sandals Cyber Monday 2015 a playoff is not one of the items were discussing, he told The AP. And it wont be when we sit down four months from now. The university presidents in charge of the system have told us not to go down that road, he said. We asked about being able to look into it, simply to give them some idea of Nike Sandals Cyber Monday 2015 its monetary value. They just said, No.' The BCS was formulated to avoid such a scenario but it has been the biggest flop since the new Coke. It has generated more controversy than clear cut champs. In 2000 the Sooners played Florida State, not Miami, for the national championship, even though the Seminoles had lost to the Hurricanes, 27-24, that season. Nike Sandals Cyber Monday 2015 Oklahoma won, 13-2. The following year Nebraska, despite not winning the Big 12, played Miami for the crown and was trounced, 37-14. Oklahoma lost the Big 12 title game to Kansas State, 35-7 yet retained the No. 1 rank in the BCS based on strength of schedule. LSU moved ahead of USC after the final weekend of the season when two Nike Sandals Cyber Monday 2015 of the Trojans opponents Hawaii and Notre Dame lost. This year, [if] the top four teams play in BCS bowl games and then next week we had one more bowl game, I dont think wed have the controversy, said LSU coach Nick Saban. As Ive said time and time again, they pick 65 teams for the NCAA basketball tournament and then Nike Sandals Cyber Monday 2015 Dick Vitale has a two-hour show on the eight teams that get left out. No matter how many you pick, theres always going to be, Should this team have been omitted?' continued Saban. Any system that you have is not equipped to handle an odd number of teams. Its not going to be a perfect system but its going to be Nike Sandals Cyber Monday 2015 a little bit better than what we have right now. Share this:FacebookTwitterGoogleWhatsappEmail .